Amader Budge Budge

এখন আপনি আমাদের বজবজের ছবি বা তথ্য বিশ্বের যে কোনো জায়গা থেকে দেখতে পারেন.

Budge Budge Vlogs

Many vlogers have recorded their videos about Budge Budge. A huge credit to the original vloggers for shooting these videos.

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Mir Razzak

An Independent film maker and graphic designer and also a resident of Budge Budge

Sohidul Islam

An avid YouTuber and an independent film maker.

Budge Budge in a Frame

We thank everyone whose picture is used in this website. A gift for the people, by the people of Budge Budge

Budge Budge as seen by Locals

Residents of Budge Budge has shared these pictures, so the whole world can see how beautiful our Home is. 

Click on the names below to see their Albums:


Partha Pratim Guchhait

Hasibul Islam Mondal


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